Chatbot Assignment Help (Become Chatbot Master with Chatbot Homework Help)

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Chatbot Assignment Help (Become Chatbot Master with Chatbot Homework Help)

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    Chatbot Assignment Help Online | Chatbot Project Help

    Students are pursuing machine learning and artificial intelligence which have a lot of scope and growth opportunities in the market. The institutes are adding these courses to their course list or curriculum. Learning about chatbots, which is the future, will help students have a rewarding career. However, their career depends on the marks that they score in academics. If you lack the time or knowledge to build chatbots or prepare assignments related to a chatbot, you can seek the help of our machine learning and AI experts who have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in developing chatbots as per the requirements given by your professors. The assignment prepared by our experts assures the best grades for you in the examination. Our experts will add comments next to each line of code to help you understand the development process. We submit the assignment before the given timeline and without compromising the quality of output. We are the leading online Chatbot Assignment Help and Chatbot Project Help provider.


    What is a chatbot?

    Chatbots have been widely used across customer care centers to offer support in the absence of chat agents. The chatbots will respond to the customer queries briskly, especially the frequently asked questions, and in case the chatbot is unable to answer the customer query or if the conversation is going in-depth, then the chatbot will hand over the conversation to the agent to resolve the customer queries. It is widely used by marketing teams, sales teams, recruitment, and financial services. The chatbots are helping companies to offer support round the clock while giving enough time to agents to focus on the conversations that need a human touch. 

    The chatbot is software that would simulate human-like conversation through text messages on the chat widget that is available on the company’s website. It helps the users to answer their queries in no time. The best thing is that the chatbot can chat with multiple users at the same time and offer the information that is asked by the user in a matter of a few seconds. It can also be used to book appointments or services by taking the required information from customers with human intervention. It helps businesses and customers to have to communicate with each other on websites or through messaging apps. There are a few bots that are capable enough to send voice commands in human language. Bots are widely used on websites and other digital platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, slack telegram, and other apps to book cabs, order food, and carry out other transactions. 

    We have a team of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence experts who hold degrees from reputed universities and colleges to work on your assignments and deliver flawless output. The intents and utterances would be pre-defined in the chatbots to answer the queries and help customers through various scenarios when they encounter any login issues, payment problems, and so on. This software application will engage users automatically. The bot will learn the words and phrases in the message sent by the customer and display the predefined response. It makes use of natural language processing and machine learning to thoroughly understand the customer message and offer an accurate response in real time. It improves the customer experience. 


    Working and types of chatbots

    Chatbots will have predefined responses for various queries. There is a mechanism that is applied to process the user query and deliver appropriate responses that match the user query. There are different types of bots developed to communicate with customers. 

    • Rule-based chatbots: These are known as keyword and transactional-based bots that will communicate with customers and give them predefined answers. These will stick to the responses that are configured for the queries that are often asked by customers. The rule-based chatbots will provide answers to queries based on the if/else rules. The rules are defined by the chatbot designer. If the customer query meets the ruleset, then the response configured for the rule will be displayed to the customer. 

    It will provide a matching answer only when the keyword or phrase matches with what is programmed to provide the answer. When you ask a query about how to reset the password, it looks for the keywords in the sentence, primarily reset and password. If these keywords match with what is defined in the application, then the response configured for these intents would be displayed. If there is any spell error or change in dialect, the bot may fail to understand the query. However, the rule-based chatbots will keep asking the customer to phrase the query. Few will transfer the chat to the human agent.

    By improving the rule-based mechanism, the bot can respond with accurate predefined answers. These are easier to build and train. These are used by companies to communicate with customers effectively.

    • AI-chatbots: AI chatbot is software that would communicate with customers freely. These can converse better with customers compared to other bots since it makes use of machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis. The machine learning will learn the pattern based on the customer query and use the past conversations of the same user to respond accordingly. 

    Natural language processing (NLP) will help bots to make human-like conversations by letting the bot understand the context even when there is any spelling mistake or jargon in the consumer input. The sentiment analysis will learn the emotions in the input. These bots should also be trained thoroughly with predefined responses. These will learn from past conversations so this type of bot does not have to be updated manually. It can understand the customer query in multiple languages and the mood of the customer to give personalized conversation. 

    • Menu or button-based chatbots: This type of bot will present various options like menus and buttons. When a customer clicks on those buttons, the bot will take them through a specific conversation flow.
    • Voice bots: Voice bots will make use of artificial intelligence to help the caller navigate through the IVR (Interactive voice response) system with their voice with the help of natural language. However, this type of bot will not ask the user to press on numbers on their keypad to move further instead will allow customers to talk to them like they talk to the live operator. 
    • Task-specific bots: The chatbots will help customers to complete a specific task. There is comprehensive training required to train this type of bot and deep natural language processing. The task bot will learn the question and gather the required information from customers to deliver personalized responses. These will perform the task of booking a parlor appointment or booking a ticket and so on for customers without human intervention. The recruitment company can automate the process of getting applications from potential candidates through the bot.

    Our Machine Learning and AI experts hold the expertise to build such different types of chatbots in a unique step-by-step manner. Submit your requirements with us and avail the best online Chatbot project help. The experts can cater to any machine learning and AI requirements from the students or working professionals.


    Various steps to build a chatbot

    Following are the steps that are embraced to develop a chatbot

    • Define or design a chatbot: There is a use case that is defined for which the bot is developed. This bot will solve the use case problem. The first step is to define use cases by doing extensive marketing research and thoroughly assessing the needs behind the development of a bot. There are a lot of people who are involved in the bot development process such as product owners, business analysts, developers, and testers. There is a dire need to develop the workflow to ease the process of developing a chatbot. Our experts will define the use case and prepare the flowchart which helps students to understand the bot development process and its working effectively. 
    • Build a chatbot: Once the use case is defined thoroughly, the next step is to configure chatbot tasks by defining the intents and utterances along with entities to build a conversational flow. The bot capabilities should be the same as what was defined in the use case and workflow. It is good to list down the tasks that you want the chatbot to perform to ensure that it delivers the best experience to consumers. Before actual development, listing out will let you learn the roadblocks. This saves a lot of time in the chat development process. 

    Train the bot using the NLP modules: After the tasks are built and flow is defined, you have to train the bot with the intents and entities that you have added. By training the bot, it can understand the utterances that are inputted by customers and let the engine prioritize the task or intent based on the given consumer input. Specific tools are being used to train the bot to allow the NLP engine to recognize the consumer input and respond accordingly. It is essential to train the bot using machine learning to recognize utterances. It is also good to add a lot of utterances, and synonyms and create patterns for tasks. The bot intelligence can be enhanced using multi-intent detection and interruption handling.

    • Enable the channels: You can add customized responses for each channel through which the customer may interact with the bot. The channels can be through WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, SMS, website, and other digital channels. Once the bot is made available on digital channels, it keeps answering by learning the customer input and displaying the predefined responses. 
    • Test the bot: After building and training the bot, the next big step is to test and analyze the ML and NLP models thoroughly. The testing will give confidence that the bot is responding accurately to the consumer utterances. It also helps you to pay close watch on the false negatives and positives. You can add more utterances to the intents by doing batch testing. This helps you to boost the bot's performance. 
    • Make bot live: After the bot is built and tested rigorously, you can deploy the bot in a real-time environment such as live widgets on the websites or Facebook or other channels to let customers interact with the bot.


    Various chatbot use cases

    Chatbots can answer all the FAQs

    If there are any repetitive questions that your human agents get through their live chat, then these can be automated to save thousands of dollars in support. You can build a bot that can answer the user's query appropriately. You have to feed the FAQs with the responses to the bot. This will not waste the agent’s time in answering the same repetitive question and staying focused on other complicated tasks.


    Help in lead generation

    The bot can welcome customers to the site and ask them to provide the required details to pass this information to the sales team. Once the contact information of prospective customers is collected, the bot will transfer to the respective team. 


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