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Excel Assignment Help (Level Up Your Excel Skills with Pro Excel Homework Help Tutors)

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    Excel Assignment Help | Do My Excel Assignment

    Do you find it challenging to complete the Excel assignment? Without panicking, you can seek the help of our Excel Assignment Help experts who have years of experience in giving theoretical and practical assistance to students at different academic levels. Our statistics experts ensure they follow your class notes & assignment guidelines to deliver the Excel assignment solution exactly as per your requirements. If the assignment involves writing a technical report based on the data analysis findings, then our statisticians support you with that too. Our Excel Assignment Help experts will work on the assignment and deliver an accurate solution that will help you achieve A+ grades in your statistics coursework. 

    Excel is a part of the Microsoft suite that is used by businesses, academics, research, accounting, and other fields. This has a collection of statistical functions and tools that are used to carry out data analysis. Due to the widespread application of Excel in business & practical life, it is one of the most important subjects to be learned in statistics courses. Hence professors keep bombarding students with multiple Excel assignments, homework & projects on a weekly basis.

    'The Statistics Assignment Help' website offers help in solving statistical problems using Excel. In addition to giving detailed analysis, clear-cut explanation, and showing the output, we also give instructions to use the right commands/formulas for performing data analysis. Our Excel Assignment Help experts also have knowledge of various statistical, finance, economics & mathematical concepts which helps them in solving almost every Excel project that comes their way. We are the best website for providing Excel project help.


    About Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that is developed by Microsoft and is compatible with the Windows Operating system. The key features that are offered by Excel are numerical or arithmetic calculations, tools to represent the data graphically, and a macro programming language, which is known as Visual Basic for applications. Various features offered by Excel will be used in different fields like Engineering, Finance, Statistics, and Mathematics. This spreadsheet application comprises of many spreadsheets that one can add per their requirements. Every sheet has cells with rows and columns and each cell will have a different address with the respective row and column. You can perform various arithmetic operations sum, subtraction, division, etc in the Excel sheet.  You can also find logical operators like AND, FALSE, IF, NOT, OR, and IN ERROR to carry out operations. Also, you can find complicated formulas in the Excel sheet to find answers. There are financial functions like FV, IRR, NPV, ACCRINT, etc that one can use in the stock market, chartered accounts, and other fields.

    The Pivot table is a critical part of Excel to show the performance of sales data in a graphical format.  This application will facilitate calculations, and draw pivot tables and graphs with ease. This is used to manage data, office tasks, and optimization issues. The basics of Microsoft Excel are used to carry out office work; therefore it is important to introduce this application to students to learn the basics of advanced topics in it. This application will allow users to store the data, and organize and calculate the huge amounts of data. In addition, it is also used to analyze the data.


    Why do Students Ask for Excel Assignment Help?

    Excel is the most useful application to showcase data in the form of tables and graphs. The key features that are offered in Excel include – Pivot Table, Pictures, Shapes, Chip art, Charts, etc. Our Excel Assignment experts will make sure to complete precise data analysis in Excel. With our unique step-by-step approach, we assure you the best in class Excel Homework help.

    Excel involves using many formulas & then finding the accurate solution to the given assignment problem. Many students find it challenging to use the formulas to come up with the correct answers and thus end up losing grades. To get excellent grades in statistics coursework, it is important to get the Excel assignment solution right and thus students ask our experts - 'do my Excel assignment' or 'do my Excel homework' and we will get it done within the given deadline.


    Why Students Use Excel to Solve Statistics Assignments & Homework?

    Here is the list of advantages one can reap using Microsoft Excel & important reasons why students prefer using excel over other statistical tools to Solve Statistics Assignments & Homework.

    • Simple and highly effective to do the comparison: Excel is an effective application that is used by statisticians across the globe. This helps you to briskly analyze huge amounts of data. You can use this to find trends and patterns that let you make quick decisions. Graphs and maps are used for visualizing the data. You can even organize the data briskly in this application. 
    • Review the huge amounts of information in no time: Over time, Microsoft Excel is evolving and is getting better. The most critical feature of excel is to process huge amounts of data in a short time span. Features like filtering and sorting of data are possible through excel. You can also delete the data from excel quickly. Various other features that are offered by excel are pivot tables, and advanced graphs, which make it easier to access the details. 
    • Collaborative attributes: Excel will let you work with the team on one sheet simultaneously. This is helpful when you are working with hundreds of spreadsheets for your excel project. This helps you to work on a single sheet while your team members are working on the other sheets in the same file online. This feature allows you to have quick access to a lot of data efficiently. There is no need for you to have a configuration of other programs to work on the same excel file by all your team members.
    • Functions and formulas: Excel works as a scientific calculator. Using this you can do almost any kind of mathematical calculation. There are simple math functions that you can view in Excel such as average, min-max, and autosum. A few of the powerful features that you can see are vlookup, hlookup, offset, and indirect.

    Learn all such advantages of MS Excel by getting in touch with us. We are the most trusted and reliable Excel homework help for all your needs


    Excel Concepts Used to Solve Statistics Assignments

    Excel is a powerful tool that helps you extract meaningful information from vast data. There are simple calculations involved and it also tracks all kinds of information. The main thing to work on is the grid of cells. It will have numbers, text, and formulas. You can store data in cells and can group the data in rows and columns. You can add more data, sort the data or filter it and make charts from the data. 

    • Formatting worksheets: Raw data that is put in the spreadsheet can be messy and confusing. Moreover, it is boring for people to read the raw data though it is meaningful. You can make the data look appealing and interesting by doing the formatting. This makes the data meaningful and lets you find whatever you want without having to go through each and every cell individually. The data will be organized neatly. Moreover, cells with formatting will grab the attention of people to the critical cells in the sheet automatically. You can use font, font style, size, background color, borders for cells, alignment, text wrapping, and orientation to do the formatting. 
    • Editing and proofing worksheets: The data that is entered in the worksheet can be edited whenever you want. You can double-click on the cell that you want to edit to delete to replace the old numbers or text with the new data. You also have the option to edit the data in the formula bar by clicking on the cell that you want to edit. You can proofread the data that you have entered in the cells for spelling by using the spell checker feature. There are also autocomplete and autocorrect features available to correct typing errors while typing. Proofing allows you to check to spell, do thesaurus, and do the translation. 
    • Managing Worksheets: It is easy to manage worksheets in excel. You can rename the sheet name, move, copy and delete worksheets. You can right-click and use the rename option to rename the name of the sheet. You can also insert a new worksheet in the same file using the small tab button on the last worksheet tab. The delete option can be used to delete the worksheet. You can even copy the existing worksheet and make modifications to it rather than creating another one from scratch. 
    • Math and Statistical Formulas: There are many math and statistical formulas that you can find in Excel to do simply too complicated mathematical calculations such as the count function, counta function, countblank, countifs function, average function, median function, mode function, quartiles function, and correlation function. Various other math functions include sumproduct, sumif, sumifs, roundup and round down, and so on. 
    • Lookup Information and Text Formulas: Vlookup and hlookup are widely used in Excel. Vlookup helps you to get the data based on the value that you find in the lookup table. It is essential for the lookup value to be the same as that you see in the table to ensure that the vlookup value would be correct to avoid returning of erroneous value. Various functions used are address function, areas function, choose function, column function, columns function, filter function, and so on. You can use the find function to find the required text.
    • Worksheet Collaboration and Review: The worksheet collaboration would involve protecting the file using the password to ensure that only authorized users have access to the file with sensitive data. Excel has sharing capabilities and can also track the edit changes while reviewing the content in the file. It allows a group of people to work on the same file in creating and editing spreadsheets. You can even track the changes that were made by your co-worker after they share the file with you. 
    • Charts and Graphics: The charts and graphics can be drawn in Excel which helps you to present numeric values in a visually appealing manner. Graphs would represent the data in graphical format and display the data values for a period of time. Charts will let you compare the data with the other set of data. You can draw column charts, bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and scatter charts in Excel. 
    • Data management: Excel can store a lot of data in the workbook that will have either a single worksheet or multiple worksheets. Excel is used for data analysis as well as calculations. This can be used to develop various models that are for data analysis. You can even write simple to complicated formulas to do calculations on the data. Pivot data and present the required information in charts. 
    • Data analysis: There is a feature called analyze data in Excel which lets you analyze the data. You can learn about the data through natural language queries, which let you probe questions about the information without having to use any kind of complicated formulas. 
    • Macros and VBA: Macros will let you record the task that you perform repetitively and save it to use this program to do the task multiple times without having to execute a series of commands. VBA macros are the visual basic application that you see in Excel to come up with the functions that are user-generation and expedite manual tasks by creating macros. You can use VBA to customize the user interface by adding various menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, and forms. 
    • VBA Programming: VBA is a visual basic application that is a programming language that is developed by Microsoft to use in Excel and various other Microsoft programs. This software will let you master how to make macros and optimize them over a period of time. 


    Popular Excel Assignment Help | Homework Help Topics

    Popular Excel Assignment Help | Homework Help Topics are listed below:

    • Pivot tables: Pivot table is the most effective feature that you can see in Excel. This allows you to thoroughly analyze, summarize and calculate the details that you give and let you also compare, and learn the trends in the data. It works differently based on the platform you use. The best thing about the pivot table is that it helps you to extract valuable information from huge datasets. The table will have rows, columns, pages, and data fields. Users can move these components around by expanding, isolating, summing, and grouping the data in real-time. The table helps the users to view a vast difference in a huge information set. You can also organize huge chunks of data in excel. It takes the user-specific data field and converts each column header to the data option, which is easier to manipulate. You can add, remove or move the columns around the table as required. From the long spreadsheet containing raw data, you can create some informative summaries. Reach out to us for the best and instant Excel Pivot Assignment help.
    • Linear regression: Linear regression is a machine learning technique that is widely used for supervised learning in the industry. This is a kind of statistical model that establishes relationships between various dependent variables as well as the independent variables. The widely used method to carry out linear regression is the Ordinary least square. It cuts down the number of squares required to produce a line. Linear regression in excel can be easily performed with the help of the Analysis Toolpack add-in. This is an add-in program that offers you a myriad of data analysis tools to perform statistical and engineering analysis. Submit your requirement to us and avail the best Excel Regression Assignment Help from our Excel and Statistics experts.
    • Linear programming (Solver): Linear programming is a mathematical optimization that makes use of fewer resources to attain a particular objective. Various elements that determine linear programming problems are decision variables, constraints, objective function, and variable bounds. The initial step to performing linear programming in excel is to come up with the mathematical representation of a problem and then create a model in the spreadsheet. It is easy to implement the mathematical model in the spreadsheet. After implementing the model, the next step is to use the solver to find the solution for the problem. Solver is an add-in that is available free of cost to use in Excel. Our experienced Excel expert offers instant Linear Programming assignment help.
    • Descriptive statistics: It is a well-known concept that gives a clear-cut idea about the latest trends by analyzing the data. It has a mean, median, and range. There are other factors that are analyzed including variance, standard deviation, skewness, maximum and minimum, and count. When you are using this feature in excel, you do not have to type in the Mean or mode individually. With just a click of a button, it gives you various stats for a particular dataset. However, you should have the Data analysis toolpak loaded into excel to do descriptive statistics calculations. Avail the help on a range of Descriptive Statistics topics from our statistics experts.
    • Vlookup and Hlookup: Vlookup and Hlookup are two critical functions that are used in Excel. These two will let you use a specific section in the excel sheet as a lookup table. When using the Vlookup function in excel, the lookup value is searched by excel in the left column of the spreadsheet. This function will give another value in the row, which is defined with the help of the column index number. Hlookup works similarly to that of vlookup, but here the excel will search in a row and the result produced will be a row index number. The Vlookup is known as vertical search whereas the Hlookup is known as horizontal search. 

    If you need excel assignment help on the above topics, do reach out to our customer support. They will make a note of your requirements and find the best statistics assignment help expert for your project.


    Advanced Excel Assignment Help | Homework Help Topics

    Listed below are some of the challenging topics on which students struggle to complete Excel assignments, homework & projects. These need complex data analysis to come up with an accurate solution. Also, our statistics experts also provide technical report writing services based on the Excel data analysis results.

    • VBA: VBA stands for Visual Basic for applications and this is a programming language that is from Microsoft and is event-driven. This is widely used in Microsoft applications such as MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Word. The best thing about VBA is that it can automate various tasks that you perform on Excel. It can generate reports, prepare charts, and graphs, and do various calculations. This type of automation activity is called another name that is Macro. VBA is also used to develop customized applications and solutions that would boost the application capabilities. The beauty of this is that you do not have to install VBA onto your desktop by installing MS Office, install this VBA. There are powerful tools that you can build in MS Excel with the help of linear programming. Get the best-in-class VBA Assignment help from our dedicated pool of experts and earn the best grades.
    • Macros: Macro is a very useful feature in MS Excel that allows you to carry out a set of actions at a time by recording them and giving a name while saving. You can run macros as many times as you want. This helps you save a lot of time in doing repetitive tasks that involve manipulation of data and generating data reports that you have to do frequently. You can create macros to let Excel do the job of adding two numbers multiplying the numbers by five and then returning the modulus. You can use this to apply the same functions and operations in the spreadsheet. Our experts are well-versed in all the Macros-related topics and offer instant Excel Macros assignment help.
    • Index and match functions: An index is a function in Microsoft Excel that will give a value at a particular location in an array or a range. Indexes can be used to retrieve individual values that are in a row or a column. The match will be used in conjunction with the Index to give you row and column numbers. The index function is a category under Excel lookup and reference functions. The index is used in different forms for doing the analysis besides giving a value in the list or table. This is widely used in financial analysis with other functions either for lookup or to return the sum of a specific function. Index function comes in two different formats Array format and reference format. Both Index and match functions are used together to perform advanced lookups. These are flexible to carry out both horizontal and vertical lookups, 2-way lookups, case-sensitive lookups, and left lookups. Understand and master the applications of Index and Match functions from the best Excel experts. The Excel homework help to learn these concepts in a step-by-step manner. 
    • Active X controls: Active X controls are widely used with the worksheet form either with or without the VBA code. The design requirements offered by the Active x controls in Excel would be highly flexible. It can also be used to customize the appearance, behavior, and fonts. You can even control various events that are initiated through these controls. Various actions can also be performed based on what is selected by the user from the control box list. You can even prepare macros that are linked to the events that you do in Active X controls. 
    • Dashboards: The dashboards in Excel are powerful tools that allow you to keep track of KPIs, compare various data points, and get the backend view of the data, which helps you to make the right business decisions. The dashboard is known as a report. This would gather data and would show the information in one place. The best thing about the dashboard is that it would quickly answer your queries like which areas are performing better and on which products the management should come up with new marketing strategies. These can either be static or highly interactive. Get the Excel dashboard assignment help from our experienced experts and enhance your understanding of the topic 
    • Accounting and Financial Analysis: Excel can be used for both accounting and financial analysis in a simple way. It offers you a myriad of functions such as MIRR, XIRR, XNPV, PV, NPV, PMT, and so on to briskly get the results after doing a thorough financial analysis. There are built-in functions and various formulas using which you can automate a lot of financial work. It helps you to analyze the liquidity of the balance sheet and learn about the financial stability of the company. Avail of the Excel Finance Homework help from us and de-stress yourself from the worries of solving Accounting and Finance assignments.
    • Inferential Statistics: Inferential statistics will let you analyze data and infer characteristics of the population by taking some properties into consideration from the sample. It is what gives ample power to statistics wherein you can use little data and make key assertions. Though interferences are not 100% correct these would give a high probability.


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    Ask Our Statistics Assignment Experts Now - Do My Excel Assignment

    Excel is an application that many students find complicated to work on and execute the tasks that are given by the professors. 

    There are different types of labs using which you can work on excel

    • MyMathLab: It helps students to master the skill of working on excel and doing mathematics using it. Students can excel by sitting in the comfort of their homes. This digital course will be created based on the needs of students and their curriculum. The course will be highly interactive and the content would be prepared by the experts in excel. These series of courses will help students get hold of excel in no time. 
    • Pearson Lab: This company takes pride in offering MyLab IT where you can perform online assessments and training on Microsoft applications, especially excel. It helps students to get hold of various functions in excel. Practicing excel exercises in this lab makes them industry ready.

    We have helped students and professionals across USA, UK, and Australia to offer the best Excel coursework help.


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    We went through all you need to know about Excel homework, including Understanding Workbooks, Using the Blank Workbook Template, Typing Text, Typing Numbers, Typing Dates, Understanding the Fill Handle, Typing Formulas, Easy Formulas, and more. Our crew is accessible to assist you with any topic relating to Excel Assignment Help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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