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Java Homework Help (Ace Java with Java Assignment Help)

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    About Java programming language

    Java is the widely used programming language to develop web and mobile apps. It was developed by Sun microsystems way back in 1995 and is known to be a high-level yet general-purpose programming language which allows you to write the program once and use it on different platforms. Apps that are programmed using this language can be run on any platform. It offers a secure platform to build apps. The apps developed can be run on mobile phones, desktop computers, and servers due to their scalability. It also gained huge popularity in recent times in the field of IoT and cloud. The best thing about Java is that you can operate this on different computers if the Java Runtime Environment is installed. The code that was written a few years ago can easily be executed on JVMs allowing us to take advantage of memory management and native code translation.

    Java is known for its security and functionality. It adds scalability to the system and improves capability by adding resources without having an impact on the deployment architecture. Developers can write the code once and execute the program anywhere meaning that the Java-compiled code can be executed on all platforms that are Java-compatible without having to recompile.

    Java has three editions. Programmers can use any of these editions based on the application that is being developed.

    Java Standard Edition – It has core libraries such as java.lang, java.util and so on.
    Java Enterprise Edition – It has Java APIs, which also include EJB, JMS, servlets and so on.
    Java Micro Edition – It allows you to use Java to program in cell phones, handheld devices and set up boxes.

    Components of Java

    Following are the three components that are used in Java

    JVM – Java virtual machine, which is platform independent component that creates an environment for you to easily execute Java programs. The main functionality of JVM is to load code, verify the code, execute the code and offer an environment where it can be run.
    JRE – The Java Runtime environment that would create an environment where you can run and execute the Java files. This software package will have JVM along with the class libraries as well as the Java class loader.
    JDK – The Java development kit is a development platform where you can develop Java apps and applets. The JDK also has private JVM and resources that allow you to develop Java apps.

    Different applications of Java

    Java is used in the following applications:

    Mobile apps
    Java is the most widely used language to develop mobile apps and run them smoothly. It works effectively with Kotlin and Android Studio. It can also run-on Java virtual machine whereas Android would use DVK, i.e., Dalvik to execute different class files. All these files are put together as an Android application package. Using the OOPS concepts in Java, you can create apps that are highly secure to run on Android OS.

    Desktop GUI apps
    You can easily develop desktop apps in Java which offers you GUI abilities using Swing, JavaFX and Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT). AWT has many components such as buttons, lists, menus and so on whereas Swing GUI will offer you advanced elements such as tables, lists, scroll panes, and tabbed panels.

    Web-based apps
    Java is best to be used to develop web apps and give enough support for the apps through JSPs, Servlets, and Struts. Using these technologies, you can develop many apps as you need. It is easy to code and offers high security. With this, you can develop apps for different industries such as health, education, insurance and security.

    Enterprise apps
    Java is the first choice programmers use to develop apps. It is the most popular platform that offers API and runtime environments to do scripting. It allows you to develop network apps and web services and is considered to be the backbone of banking apps.


    Top frameworks in Java

    Spring is taking the development world by storm since it is open-source and allows you to develop Enterprise apps. It is easier for developers to create loosely coupled modules so that it becomes easier to handle dependencies by the framework instead of relying on code libraries.

    It is a robust open-source framework that is best to be used for developing web apps. It embraces the MVC model and uses JSP API.

    Hibernate will map Java classes to the database tables. It offers you the abstraction layer so that the code is loosely coupled with databases.

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